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Hair Stylist Clermont Florida

Searching for the BEST Clermont Hair Salon

Searching for an ideal hair salon shouldn't be taken lightly, after all it's your hair!  A wrong choice could have you looking into the error of your ways for months until you can make corrections.  So what should someone relocating to Clermont, Florida or just searching for a new style look for? To Start off how cleanly is the salon.  From your walk through the front door, just let the receptionist know you are waiting and take a careful look at the hair stations, floors and even ask to use the restroom which is a good indicator of how the business prides itself on cleanliness. Personable and Honest - This should be a conversation with...

Best Hair Salon in Clermont Florida

Clermont Florida's newest Salon, Urban Hair Lounge, is receiving rave reviews and the talk of the town, if you are in search of a color specialist or a stylist with the latest trends and cuts look know more.  Stylist Annie Le is at the top of her game, maybe it's her perfectionist style or her years of experience, either way when you leave Annie's chair you will have the look you were in search of. No surprises, no disappointments...

Annual Premiere Beauty & Hair Show

  The 2012 annual Beauty Show hosted at the Orlando convention Center this past weekend was another hit.  Although I noticed the crowd to be a little lite from previous years my short stature allowed me to move around a little easier:)  I love keeping up with the latest trends and styles and this year was no different.  Redken again stood out among the vendors with the the latest tips and tricks for color and styling.  It is always exciting to see the newest techniques in highlight and low-lights, something I take a lot of pride in. As always the precision and patience of treating each strand of hair individually creates a more natural blend...