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Color and high-lights for less

Salon High-lightsSaving money is on the top of everyones list these days so here is a little trick to get that salon look for a little less money.  If you are game try coloring your hair at home and get the high-lights done at your favorite salon.  Doing high-lights at home you have less control over where, how much, thick or thin and don’t forget about the end color you are looking for.  Pretty difficult to do unless you have eyes in the back of your head.

Ok so your ready to color your hair…

  • Find a color that best matches the look you want.  It’s better to be safe and go with a little lighter color then darker, less is best.
  • If the hair shaft (length) is not faded do not pull the color through the hair.  The shaft area is porous which will darken that portion more.
  • Remember gray hair is more resistent to color, an extra 5 minutes will not hurt.
  • Shampoo and don’t forget to deep condition your hair.  This will help replenish lost moisture and keep your locks shiny and resilient.
  • Sooner rather then later see your favorite stylist to get those high-lights before your hair starts to grow-out, no longer then a week.

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